Join our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our practice has a PPG (Patient Participation Group) which provides a connection between the practice and patients, allowing a forum for open constructive discussion and analysis of service provision as well as offering an alternative perspective on many topics relevant to general practice.

The PPG hold regular meetings and also display information regarding the purpose and progress on the group at both surgeries, on the designated notice boards.

What is the Patient Participation Group or PPG?

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of people who are patients of the surgery and want to help it work as well as it can for patients, doctors and staff. The NHS requires every practice to have a PPG.

Anyone who is a patient registered at the practice can become a member of the PPG. If you are interested or require further information, please contact the reception team on 01902 444550/551 or 01902 444560/561

What does the PPG do?

  • Help formulate patient surveys according to areas of patient priorities (once a year).
  • Help with organising patient health events.
  • Occasionally attend locality PPG seminars.

All the above are not obligatory but even the smallest input is of great value.

Why should I join?

You have been to the surgery as a patient, parent, carer or friend.

Your experiences matter and you can bring different ideas to the surgery to help us treat patients better or to improve what we do in some way.

You will also gain a better understanding of the NHS, and gather feedback from other patients.

How often does the Patient Participation Group meet?

PPG meetings are held at the surgery approximately every 12 weeks; the purpose of the meetings is to discuss issues affecting your practice and also to help the surgery deliver the best service it possibly can.

Who manages the mailing list for the PPG?

The mailing list will be held by the GP surgery and any emails sent so that individual’s emails are not shared with others.

Virtual Group

If you are unable to attend our PPG meetings, then you can ensure your views are heard by being part of our “virtual” PPG group and using email.

To join our virtual group – please download the following PDF document, print it out & return the completed form to the practice.

We will then be in touch shortly after we receive your completed form.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

No medical information or questions will be responded to.

A virtual group is a group of patients who would like to be part of the Patient Participation Group but prefer not to attend meetings. They get involved by email instead. Information such as practice newsletters, minutes of the Patient Participation Group meetings and surveys will be shared electronically. It means that if you can’t make face-to-face meetings, are caring for someone and unable to leave them, or are working, you can still be kept informed, give your views and participate.

Your views are important and will be listened to. It may not be possible to act on every suggestion, but all feedback is very valuable. Working in a spirit of mutual respect, openness and trust, all patients’ views will be discussed and, where appropriate, we will work together on solutions. If you are interested in learning more about our Patient Participation Group, please complete the below online form. Alternatively, you can ask us about it when you next visit the practice.