Travel Health & Advice

If you are travelling abroad you may require vaccinations and these will vary depending on where you are travelling to.

Our nursing team are able to provide appropriate advice and some vaccinations, whilst other vaccines may need to be ordered on a private prescription as not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS. You may even be advised to attend a non-NHS vaccination clinic to obtain specific vaccinations.

To ensure that each of our patients receives the appropriate advice regarding travel vaccinations a copy of this travel vaccination form needs to be completed per patient and returned to the surgery for the nurse to assess. The patient must then call the surgery one week later to see what vaccinations are required and if an appointment needs to be booked.

It is important that each patient travelling completes a separate form.

It is important that the form is completed as early as possible as the vaccinations need to be administered at last 2 weeks prior to travel to enable the inoculations to provide the cover required.

Below we have also included a document providing some general travel advice to our patients that you may find useful.