Useful Resources For Our Patients

Below are some useful information resources recommended by Tettenhall Medical Practice

Self Certification ( SC2)

If you are an employee and need to claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from your employer, you may be required to complete a SC2 or ‘self cert’ please click here to access the website to do so . The surgery no longer supplies these forms – should you require a hard copy to complete, these are available from your employer.

GeneralEmotional Well-being
Stay Well This Winter
Fit For Work
NHS Smoking Cessation
Wolverhampton Information Network
Thrive Into Work – Employment Support Services
Mood Gym
Get Self Help
Brighter Futures 
Contraception & Family PlanningFor Parents
Family Planning Association
Breastfeeding Support & AdviceBreast
Feeding Network
A Child Of Mine
Compton Hospice (Adult)
Compton Hospice (Children)
Cancer Research
Diabetes UK 
Asthma / COPDHeart Health
Asthma UK
British Lung Foundation
Inhaler Techniques – Asthma UK
British Heart Foundation 
 Organ Donation Opt In / Out 
Organ Donation